Who We Are

Who We are

Our experience makes your experience better.

No matter how good the structure is that lies underneath walls and ceilings, it is the drywall work and paint surfaces that bring a space to life. That’s why MJH brings together quality people and quality materials to deliver high-quality work time and time again. Our years of industry experience give us the advantage of knowing what works and what doesn’t, which is why we meticulously prep every project, have a system in place to complete it and then put in the time and effort required to deliver an exceptional result.

We love doing what we do best.

At MJH we have chosen to exclusively offer drywall and painting services to our valued customers. From small residential to large scale commercial products, our quality and expertise are evident on every surface we touch. MJH also builds our teams to ensure each person is able to do their best work while always meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Customer’s Choice Painting & Drywall Service

Years of experience and extensive industry knowledge have enabled us to build a business that thrives from primarily referrals.

Our goal is to meet — and then exceed — your expectations.

The painting & Drywall Company homeowners and business owners can rely on.

There’s a reason we’ve built our business almost exclusively on referrals: people know MJH is the painting and drywall company they can rely on. Whether we’re working with homeowners, general contractors or commercial property owners, we respect our clients’ time and do everything within our power to meet their deadlines. MJH employees know the right questions to ask, listen to what our clients want and need, then complete the work with precision.

We don’t do what we say we’re going to do—we always do a little bit more.

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